Wedding Wednesday: We Are Registered!

Three weeks ago, John and I finally got our butts to Macy's and registered. We didn't just go to any Macy's though. We went to THE Macy's...the one at Herald Square. Go big or go home, am I right?

We got a super fancy (100 year old?) wedding consultant, Fran, who got us all set up and showed us how to use our scanner. She also gave us a ton of brochures and forms. SO MUCH PAPER!

Note to all of you who might got to Herald Square to register: the scanner doesn't always work in the cellar, which is where basically all your "everyday stuff" is located. The below picture of me is from after we returned back to the 5th floor from the cellar because our scanner wouldn't scan the teapot I wanted.

What no one tells you about registering is that it is absolutely exhausting. This is a super first world-y complaint, but it is hard to decide the things you like enough to use the rest of your life! Or at least until you buy more stuff!

I basically gave up at this point. We were three hours in at this point and had just arrived at pots and pans. John started picking everything up and "testing" it, making sizzling noises as he picked everything up we walked past.

We left Herald Square feeling pretty proud of ourselves. While we were giving our scanner back and asking about the colors our plates came in (seriously we were suddenly 50 years old) Fran said to me "Ummm someone has already bought you something?".

Friends, when you document your registering experience in real time on Instagram, one of your Bridesmaids may or may not purchase you the Kate Spade vase you registered for seriously three minutes ago. Everyone needs a Bridesmaid like Bridget.

Despite our success at Macy's, we did need another round at Bed Bath and Beyond three weeks later. Thankfully my Mom came with us that time and she kept us on task (so much so that I have no pictures from that day!). But we did get chased around (I kid you not) by an employee in the candle section who was basically screaming at me about what tart warmer I should register for. I wanted to yell back "I DON'T REALLY WANT A TART WARMER FOR MY LIVING ROOM, BUT YOU HAVE SUCH STRONG OPINIONS ABOUT IT THAT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I AM INCORRECT AND BY THE WAY COULD YOU USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE?"

And finally friends, this guy was in the pan section. He did what I wanted to do in the pots and pan section...accept defeat and lay amongst the products, hoping that a nice lady will pick up up and save you from the options.

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