Best Friends Forever: Mim and Holly

Last weekend, John and I headed to Pennsylvania on Saturday morning for our tasting at our venue and for our Pre-Nuptial Investigation with the Parish Priest (terrifying, I know). Everything went really well...we're thrilled with the food, and the church said that because we've never been married before and since we're not related by birth or adoption we can in fact get married in November!

All of this was pretty exciting but nothing was as exciting as the newly discovered love between Holly and Mim!

Here's how their relationship goes: we put Mim on the floor and Holly runs around her/licks her/pushes her around with her nose for as long as we let her.

Sometimes Mim ignores her and just lays there but other times she bats Holly's nose and purs like a crazily happy cat. Eventually though she gets punchy and then its time for her to go back upstairs to her prison (read: my bedroom). You should know that Holly does not accept her removal and chases me up the stairs. Once Mim is back in prison, she realizes how much she misses and loves Holly and then she puts her tiny kitty paws under the door and cries while Holly loses her mind in the hallway. This is how you spend an entire weekend!

Occasionally, John gets the idea in his head that Mim needs to experience grass and so he takes Mim and Holly into the backyard. Adorableness ensues!

You should know that when you pick Mim up after play time, she is literally wet from Holly kisses. Its both disgusting and adorably cute.

Happy Hump Day! 

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