Memorial Day Weekend & Frozen Coke!

Was this not the rainest Memorial Day Weekend ever? Ugh it was so rainy in Connecticut, which is where we spent the holiday with my parents, sister and Aunts. I drove John's car the whole 200 miles there and made race car noises in my head the whole way. It is such a zippy little car compared to my SUV!

I wore my new hot pink pants in an attempt to combat the rain.

We celebrated Aunt Lydia's birthday with my Mom's carrot cake. Do you know that carrot cakes require shredded carrots that you shred with the cheese grater but not the shredded carrots that come pre-shredded in bags in the supermarket? Me either. I guess the cheese grater shreds the thinner? Who knows?

We also went to Target (my favorite) where my Mom bought me three pairs of summer sandals. Married ladies, does your Mom stop buying you sandals when you get married? I hope not because seriously these are some super cute sandals.

Also the Connecticut Target has frozen Coke! And when you add the Cherry flavor, you get frozen Cherry Coke. John got an acceptable tiny size...I got a gigantic one because seriously, don't mess with me and frozen Coke.

We also ate fajitas for dinner! Seriously is there a more summery meal than fajitas? Also fajitas come with so many accessories you need a bigger table.

Hope your Memorial Day was lovely and that this work week is going quickly for you! 

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