Hooky Day with Your Aunts

Sometimes, on a beautiful first day of Spring it is important to take a (previously scheduled) hooky day off from work. This is especially advisable if your Aunts and Fiance can also play hooky and spend the day with you!

Here are the steps to take to make sure you have a proper hooky day: 

1. Have a bagel on the subway 

2. Get off the subway at Columbus Circle and marvel and the fact that you are hardly EVER in Columbus Circle! 

3. See a one woman show! Though I'm pretty sure Ann counted as a one woman + one voice show? Thoughts from people who have seen it? 

4. Exit Lincoln Center and happen upon the set up for the premier of The Great Gatsby (I do not understand the hype, friends. I just do not understand the hype). 

5. Eat an obscene amount of guacamole. Seriously is there a better food than guacamole? I think not. 

6. Take the long walk back to the subway and Columbus Circle and marvel at how lucky you are. 

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