Wedding Wednesday: Flowers Make Me Overwhelmed

John and I have a consultation (sounds strangely medical?) with a florist on Sunday and I am wholly overwhelmed by the options for flowers.

As an aside, on Saturday we are meeting with not one but TWO from the parish where we are getting married and the one who is actually marrying us. Suddenly we seem to have a lot of wedding related appointments?

But back to flowers...have you ever typed "wedding bouquet  into the search bar on Pinterest? Or even "succulent boutonniere"? There are literally thousands of options. While not liking any of them would be problem enough I have exactly the opposite problem. I LOVE EVERYTHING. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Succulents? Super. Entire bouquets made out of Baby's Breath? In love. Pink bridal bouquets are wonderful BUT DO I LIKE WHITE AND GREEN ONES MORE?

Any and all advice on how to not burst into tears during this appointment would be greatly appreciated. What I would not appreciate however is if you comment on this post and tell me other flowers to consider. I need no more options, but I appreciate your willingness to help!

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