I Hope This Brightens Your Monday

Holly is the first pet my family has ever had. As such, I think we deal with her in kind of a crazy way. For example my sister, Alyssa, speaks in Holly's voice. She says things like "Hey guys" and "Dad I want a cookie!" or "I AM A MANIAC" when she runs around the house like an insane puppy.

My Mom and I also have an obsession with Holly wearing pants. We would really like her to wear pants and we don't know why but we feel that we might love her a tiny bit more if she wore them.

My Dad refuses to kiss her. He will kiss his hand and then put his hand on her head but his lips will go near her. This is in direct contrast to my Mom, who I have NEVER seen even touch someone's pet, who kisses her one million times while saying "Who does Mommy love the best?" (Note: the answer to this question is not me or Alyssa, who my Mom actually gave birth to)

And when I'm visiting my parents, I can not leave Pet Smart without purchasing her presents. I once spent $50 on a new harness/leash combo for her. And when I went home for Christmas, I bought her a lovely festive collar you see in the picture above.

All around, Holly is a pretty good puppy. We basically laugh all the time when she is around and she only smacks us with her front paws sometimes (read: whenever she wants something and we do not pay attention).

But then last weekend I got this text from Alyssa, who was still home on winter break from school. My Mom swears that Holly didn't actually pee, she just licked Alyssa's pants so much that Alyssa just thought Holly had peed.

I maintain that the fact that we are even having this conversation makes us absolutely and totally insane.

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