Sidesmas 2014

Sidesgiving got pushed to December again this year so Sidesmas it was!

If you're new around here, Sides/giving/mas is basically Friendsgiving but there's not turkey, only sides. We were trying to remember how many we've had and we think this was number 7!

We had a few less people this year, which meant we were able to fit everyone in the kitchen, which was great. It was a lot easier to talk to everyone and pass everything!

Three guests wore the same sweater. Aaron and Sarah meant to (because they're a couple and like to match?) and Dave accidentally brought the same one to wear (I'm not totally sold on the fact that this was an accident). It had dinosaurs and narwhals on it, can you even?

Aaron also had a pretty sweat pair of dinosaur socks.

After we were done cooking and before everyone got to our house, I ran upstairs to put my makeup on and get changed. I washed my hands twice after cutting three whole onions and then one more time before I put my contacts in. Onions seem to be persistent buggers though, because when I got my contacts in, I thought my eyes were actually going to fall out of my head. So no go, contacts.

Shannon and I have really perfected the selfie.

Ashley even came in the midst of finals season at Harvard and two days after her brand new nephew was born!

We typically play the Newly Weds/Friends game after dinner but this year our friend, Jon suggested we play White Elephant instead.

It was a big hit! Top gifts included: an inflatable unicorn horn, a remote control car (that was broken and which John and Lisa took apart the next morning and fixed), a table top air hockey set, a dinosaur comb (that John stole from someone, he loves it) and...Doody Head.

Aaron won Doody Head, but here's a picture of John with it on. Its a hat divided into point sections and then people throw doody at you. It was really the best...if best can mean people throwing fake poop all over your house.

AND Stephanie really played to her audience (a group of people who love cats) and I ended up winning this! I thought Jon was going to steal it from me, but I told him I would never forgive him if he did, so he backed down and stuck with his air hockey and sangria, thank goodness.

I love you, Sidesmas.

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