Its Friday! And that means its time for our weekly ! post! I love ! posts because I get to end everything in !s and they are my favorite!

Zula is still super into this bed that my Aunts got her and so is Dilly! I'm fairly certain their having a feud over it because now their "play fighting" involves Zula leaping into the air! I'm moderately alarmed when it happens, but luckily they're both missing body parts that would be essential to cause actual damage to each other so it ends up alright!

This week's important realization is: I don't like Bloody Marys! I want to so badly because everyone who drinks them seems to love them, but I just cannot! They taste like melted ketchup to me and this one that I attempted to drink on Sunday was so SPICY! I didn't even know a drink could be that spicy, but I didn't like it at all!

I've kept these flowers alive since Sunday! Even with the cats chewing on the leaves all day! They are why we can't have nice things!

Its my new goal in life to have a house with a pink door! We passed two in our neighborhood this weekend and I was never so excited about a door in my life! My question is: do your neighbors not hate you? Or are you just so happy about the pink door that you don't care? I think probably the latter! 100 points for giving no shits, house owners!

Happy Weekend!

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