Some Things to See (and eat) in Portland

I need to start this post by saying flat out that I am not cool enough to live in Portland. I know that a lot of young people are packing up and heading West, but I am not that person. With that being said, we liked Portland! Here are some things we did!

We went to Powell's Books. John and I l-o-v-e-d it! Its basically The Strand but bigger and more open and a normal temperature (I always feel like I going to melt in The Strand). Everything is very well organized with places to sit and a coffee shop!

Then we walked up the block to Blue Star Donuts (DON'T FREAK OUT everyone, we ate Voodoo too, its coming in another post) and they were great! I especially loved the one that had an accidental heart in the middle of it. I especially especially loved that John and I ate three donuts between us on the way to lunch and had no shame. Being married, man. Its super great. (Not great: the gym this week where I feel as though the donuts are lodged in my upper stomach)

We were going to go to Por Que No? for tacos but there was a line out the door. Apparently the line moves super fast but we were non-cool tourists who didn't know that. Luckily my friends all commented on my Instagram and said that we NEEDED to go to Pine State Biscuits right this second. They were totally correct and you also need to go right this second. John got something called The Reggie which included cheese and gravy. I went with something that had lettuce on it, but let's not kid ourselves: there was also fried chicken,bacon and ranch dressing. So much eating.

AND THEN John told me that he had spotted a yarn store on our walk to the restaurant and did I want to go in? YES! I do want to go in John! When have I ever said no to yarn?

A note about yarn and vacation: I brought no yarn with me. I thought it was only 8 days and I could not crochet for 8 days. That was a mistake. Portland was day 3 of our trip and no lie, my hands were starting to get itchy from their stillness. SO I did what any self-respecting crocheter would do: I bought more than $50 worth of fancy yarn and am currently crocheting myself a present in between all my holiday gifts and charity pieces. I even got patterns with my yarn purchases, so I can't recommend Close Knit enough!

After the yarn store, we met back up with Becca and Shannon and their friends' apartment AND THEN we went to a dinner that was three hours and six courses. I have no pictures of it because we were literally exhausted (maybe jet lagged?) and in a food coma within seconds of eating the second course. It was a terrible food day. And by that I mean it was a day filled with really great food.

HOORAY PORTLAND! Over and out.

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