Its Friday and that means that my weekly ! post is back! I love the ! posts because it means that I can use ! at the end of all my sentences and not feel bad about it!

Last weekend my brother-in-law got married and my in-laws and I took these great pictures! John isn't in any of them because he had best man duties, but the rest of us sure do clean up nice!

It rained like the end of the world on Wednesday night for about ten minutes! Luckily for nine of those minutes I was in a cab after a super fun dinner with my Aunts! Nothing in the world makes me feel more lucky than a cab ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn! Also, my aunts bough me new house moccasins! They are purple and I love them!

A week from right now we will be almost to Seattle, part one of our three part West Coast trip! I cannot wait! 

Happy weekend to you and yours! I plan on hanging out with my family on Saturday and hanging out with adoptable cats on Sunday! COME ADOPT A CAT! PetCo Unleashed! 7th Ave and Union Street in Park Slope! CATS!

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