20 Hours in Seattle

After a moderately horrible (maybe moderately is an understatement?) start to our trip, we arrived in Seattle after a 12 hour stay in JFK, a flight to Portland, 8 hours in a Portland airport hotel (not as terrible as it sounds) and then a three hour drive to Seattle.

We stayed at The Hotel Maxwell which we would totally recommend (we had a view of the Space Needle from our room!) and after dropping our stuff in our rooms, we made a quick escape into the rain to make the most of our 20 hours in the city (seriously, we hate you JetBlue). 

In case you were wondering, people are NOT kidding about the rain in Seattle.

It was drizzling on our way in from Portland, but by the time we had finished lunch and started to work our way to the Space Needle it was downright pouring. I think the Space Needle would have been slightly more fun had it not been raining sideways at the top.

The woman also told us on the way down that the Space Needle sways something like 1 inch for every 10 miles per hour of wind. I wasn't really into it...I like my buildings to remain stationary. 

Then we made our way to Pike Place Market, which I was SO excited for. I loved nearly everything but I EXTRA loved the flower stands. They had the most beautiful bouquets for under $10. Becca and I walked the whole row of them, while John and Shannon wandered somewhere wondering what was taking us so long.

AND we found the Gum Wall. Let's talk about the Gum Wall, shall we?

I kind of assumed going in that the Gum Wall would be gross. Its literally thousands of pieces of chewed gum, so OK yes its a given: grossness.


AND...it smelled.

Ugh. I'm sorry if I'm ruining your plans to go visit the Gum Wall (I think you should still go) but I think you just need to be prepared for what you're getting yourself into.

That night before dinner, we went to Rachel's Ginger Beer (there's so much stuff to do in that Market!). I can't recommend this place enough...we LOVED it! They make cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages out of this delicious ginger beer, which I didn't even think I liked! I had a Moscow Mule with Blueberry Gingerbeer and it was basically the best thing I've ever had in my entire life. I like Moscow Mules, I am so hip!

After dinner (seriously this was one of the longest days of my life) we went to a bar that had a very old lady drinking at the bar (and her wheelchair parked next to her), clowns hanging from the ceiling, terrible scary circus music in the bathroom and a whole back room of pinball machines for John to play! He was thrilled and so was I because he got rid of all my quarters. Side note: I am WAY too much of a control freak for pinball and I'm terrible at it.

And then we went back to the hotel and fell asleep at 8:30PM. #vacation

The next morning, we loaded into the car at 8:00AM to head to Portland...but first we made a quick stop at the Freemont Troll!

I was excited for the Troll but I was kind of like "meh, its a sculpture...how impressive could it be?" The answer is SUPER impressive! We had a great visit and it was even better because we were the only ones there.

Shannon climbed to the very top of his head (Becca nearly passed out watching her) but I stuck to the lower parts of his body.

Seattle, you were great! We'll try to stay more than 20 hours next time!

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