Guys! Its week TWO of ! Posts! I love them so much!

Last Sunday, John and I went to the bar in our neighborhood to start planning for our West Coast trip in October with Becca and Shannon! We are going to Seattle, Portland, the Redwood National Forrest and San Francisco! We are so excited! That is my Emily Ley planner that I bought for myself! I love it so much!

Its Spring in our living room! I may have worn my Uggs to work three days this week but I have sparkle eggs and flowers and Dilly got new cat grass, goddammit!

I filled out my very first March Madness bracket this week! This one was for fake (read: no money) but I made a real one on CBSsports.com and have Wichita State winning the whole thing! Is this a possible outcome?! I don't know!

On Thursday night I finally saw Frozen! In Teress' movie theater which is in her apartment building! It was the best movie viewing experience I've ever had and holy crap was Frozen adorable!

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! And to celebrate I got an iced coffe on my way to work! At the new bagel place that opened at 5th Avenue and 10th Street! And it was only $1.75! At Bagel Pub its more than $3.00! Bagel Pub, you have been put on notice!

Have a very happy weekend! I am going to my first SoulCycle class tomorrow wish me luck! I hope I don't die!

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