A Sunday Afternoon...

Yesterday I had the lady problems...that's right, I said it. I had the lady problems and I felt like murderous death. MURDEROUS DEATH!

For some reason though, at about 1:00, I thought it would be a good idea to totally rearrange our living room. Like all of the furniture and our entertainment unit. I decided this was a great idea even though I kept yelling at John to move the couch more to the left while my uterus was yelling at me to lay the hell down with a mug of tea and my book.

Our friends Becca and Shannon were dropping by our house to drop off John's birthday gift at 1:30. Thankfully, Shannon and Becca are like THE BEST people to have over when you're rearranging your living room because Shannon lifts everything with one arm, even things that I have to lift with two arms and grunts. It is the best and they are the nicest.

When the living room was basically in order and we were sitting nicely after lunch, we decided that a "quick trip," trip to Ikea would be a good idea. I had the unwavering desire to buy a microwave cart and Becca needed a chair for her living room. So off to Ikea we went!

This picture is the end result of that trip (plus the microwave cart, the chair, new candles, dish washing brushes, and various other things I'm sure we don't actually need).

We got yelled at less than five seconds after this picture was taken to "Please get off the cart,". I was embarrassed but then a five year old got yelled at, too. I'm not sure if this made me more or less embarrassed.

Happy Monday to YOU!

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