Me vs. The Brooklyn Public Library

I have a problem. A first world, book problem, but a problem none the less.

This is the problem.

The Park Slope Library is causing me IMMENSE stress as it gets in ALL of the books I have requested at once WITHOUT TELLING ME THEY ARE ALL THERE. Two weeks ago, I was nearing the end of my (self prescribed) reading queue so I went on my Goodreads and I found a whole bunch of new books I wanted to read. I requested all of them at the library and kept reading the last few books on my list. Six days later, I got an email from the Brooklyn Public Library that told me ONE of my books came in. I was thrilled!

I arrived at the library to find EIGHT books waiting for me on the shelf! Problem #1: I had to carry them all home. Problem #2: The Brooklyn Public Library only gives you three weeks to read your books. And I can never renew anything I get out because other dorks throughout Brooklyn have also requested these books!

Needless to say I spent this weekend reading like a maniac and have made it through three of the eight...who said reading is supposed to be relaxing? I love me a deadline!

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