Pumpkin Festival 2012

One of the things that happened during my blogging coma of 2012 (part deux?) was the Pumpkin Festival! The Pumpkin Festival happens every year in Doylestown (except that one time it was cancelled because of the rain) and my Mom has a party! Really, it is an excuse for us all to see each other, go see pumpkins and eat a lot of dessert. I'm just being honest with all of you.

The line at the pumpkin festival was especially long this year! So obviously we bought some funnel cakes and waited our turns.

Here are some of my favorites from this year!

I don't really know what this was supposed to be, but I liked it! 

Also, we took some funny pictures!

Maybe this should be our Save the Dates?

One year, Alexander got a gold fish at the Pumpkin Festival and last year he rode a pony! He did neither of those things this year (even though there was a CAMEL) but I think he had a nice time? I wanted to ride the camel, but no one seemed too supportive when I said it, so I let it go. I was totally bummed. 

And now that we have a new baby in our family, we obviously made him pose with props! I'd like to say that this was NOT my idea and that his mom (my aunt) was the one doing the propping up...but this does not bode well for our future baby because I thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Three seconds after this photo was taken, he toppled right over because his head is too heavy...whoops! 

My Mom throws a mean Pumpkin Festival Fiesta but for some reason I have no photos of the adults who attended? Not quite sure why, but I'm pretty sure they don't even like being on the blog, so maybe its OK? 

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