In Which We Finally Have a Functioning Kitchen

Until three weeks ago, we did not have a fully functioning stove or oven. And by not fully functioning I mean that only one burner worked. And the oven was totally dead. And it was older than Fiance.

One burner plus a microwave and barbeque worked out pretty well for the summer and early Fall months, especially since Fiance started working nights again and I eat a lot of soup and grilled cheese. Its the dinner of champions, I tell you!

But then November rolled around and we realized that Sidesgiving was quickly approaching and we definitely needed a more substantial cooking situation! My aunts offered to buy us a new stove (which was the most helpful ever) and after 15 minutes in the stove store we had one picked out! We scheduled delivery the next Thursday morning, but because of Hurricane Sandy, the gas guy couldn't get to us for four days.

So now we had TWO stoves and TWO ovens, but still only one burner. Seriously could I make this stuff up?

The gas guy finally came on Election Day before Fiance left for work. He disconnected our old stove and connected our new one. He even took our old one to to that big stove heaven in the sky (wherever that is). He and Fiance realized real fast though that something was wrong...

Apparently we had a insert stove? I don't even know what that is, but I'm pretty sure they stopped making them in 1963. An insert stove requires a platform (see photo above) but since our new stove was a regular stove, we didn't need a platform. Because we had a platform, our stove bruners were currently to my shoulder, which is not conducive for cooking. Fiance and I psyched ourself up all day for the platform demolition and decided to tear out the platform while watching Election results later that night.

Then I did what I always do when I get psyched up for a political event...I fell asleep on our couch. At 9:00PM after one drink and a grilled cheese (at Happy Hour, guys...I love grilled cheese) with friends. Before they even called Ohio I, a person with a Masters Degree in American Politics fell asleep. NOT ONLY did I sleep through Ohio, NOT ONLY did I sleep through the flip out on Fox News as they called the Election for Obama, I SLEPT THROUGH THE REMOVAL OF OUR PLATFORM NOT 25 FEET FROM MY HEAD.

That's right guys. Fiance came home at 11:00PM and using a power drill, hand saw and hammer, tore out our stove platform. And I slept through it. Not some of it. Not half of it. The entire endeavor...I was out cold.

I'm not even sure how that happened, but have I ever told you the story of when I was in college and fell asleep at a party in a room where a drum set was being played? Because that actually happened.

In any event, now we have a stove! And an oven! And a fully functional kitchen! Lesson learned: you don't need a stove platform, Fiance is the handiest, and the nicest...and I have narcolepsy.

The End. 

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