Our Last Night in Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

Our last night in Iceland we went big and stayed at the Blue Lagoon Spa. It was definitely the priciest room we stayed in during our trip (about $300 total) but the room gets you a ticket to the public Blue Lagoon per room guest (ordinarily $40 each) and a robe (ordinarily $15 each). You are going to want that robe because there is nakedness. A lot of nakedness.

I don't have too many pictures from the public hot spring because I didn't want to bring my camera in with me and left it in our locker. This is as good a time as any I feel to explain to you how the process of getting into the spa works. I would like you to know that I knew none of this when we booked and was only alerted on via Facebook the night before we left by someone who went to Iceland in April.

This is what happens.

You drive up to the spa, park, and head on in to check in with the people at the front desk. They give you your towel, robe, and bracelet that opens your locker (its the future!). Then you separate from people in your group who are the opposite gender and you go into a locker room/bathroom.

In the bathroom you will be met with hundreds of naked people. Becca and I had such angst about this entire process, I can't even begin to tell you how stressed we were going in. FEAR NOT you yourself do not have to get naked. The rules say you do, but you can game the system and remain clothed by going into a shower stall and pretending to take a shower naked. No nakedness necessary, just don't tell anyone I told you.

Also, yes as these pictures illustrate Fiance arrived to the Lagoon in his swimsuit...Becca and I changed.

And listen up everyone. All of the signs are going to tell you to put conditioner in your hair and not to rinse it out because the water in the lagoon is terrible for your hair. LISTEN TO THE SIGNS. Even with the conditioner Becca and I looked like...well I don' know what we looked like but our hair didn't look or feel the same until we took about five showers back in Brooklyn. Try your best not to put your hair in the water, ladies! 

After you exit the bathroom moderately traumatized from all the naked tourists, you will run like hell across the deck (which you can kind of see in the picture below) and get into the Lagoon! IMMEDIATELY because it was only 50 degrees when we were there but we nearly died anyway. 

Then you float around! There is a bar where you can get drinks and clay goop to put on your face. If you're in a group steer clear of the honeymooning couples...you'll know who they are and they WILL make you uncomfortable. Maybe more uncomfortable than the nakedness you just encountered. 

A few hours later, you will have had your fill and you'll get out! And if you are lucky, your Fiance will buy you hot chocolate and sit with you even though you have a towel on your head in public! 

The deck of our room which overlooked a lava field. With moss (which Fiance decided is his favorite thing ever...moss). It was one of the most beautiful things we saw while were were there. 

After our day at the lagoon, we went out to dinner at the spa's restaurant, which was great! I want you do know that yes we did eat whale and yes it was ick. That's all I'm saying about it though because I don't know if any of you are whale activists and I don't want to offend you!

After we got back from dinner, we went in our hotel's lagoon! Which was more relaxing because there was only one naked person in the locker room on the way in (yes you still must shower) and there was hardly anyone in when we were there!

I would like to take this time to admit to you that I walked through a hotel in a bathrobe and barefoot (gag).

And that's our trip! Overall, I would highly recommend Iceland! The people are nice and they let you pay for everything with your credit card. I didn't get cash out the entire time we were there! Fiance and I have already decided that we're going to go back with our kids...in about one hundred years because I can't even imagine having a baby let alone taking it on a plane. 

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