Other Things to Do in Iceland: Part Two

Sometimes when I read blogs, I struggle with vacation posts.

I think UGH favorite blogger how many pictures of you and your family/baby/friends can I look at in Florida/Italy/London etc. But now here I am inflicting the same kind of pain on YOU my beloved readers! So I'm sorry but in addition to this blog "entertaining" all of you its also keeps track of all of my memories so please BEAR WITH ME. We will eventually return to the silliness that is my life.

SO...what are some other things you can do in Iceland? I am so glad you asked!

You can go see the horses! Someone told me before I left that I had to go see them because "They are like tame dogs". Your Fiance may laugh at you for wanting to see the horses you keep driving past up close but FEAR not, you will be vindicated just like you were with the Culture House

We didn't want to spend too much time with the horses so we literally just pulled over on the side of the road on our way to something else. Half an hour was plenty of time to pet them (or not pet them if you're afraid of biting like I am) and take some pictures.

Verdict: they are in fact like tame dogs. They even came over to our side of their fence as soon as we pulled up! And they are mini! I love mini things! SEE THE HORSES! (Note: you may want to experience the sheep like we experienced these horses. Did you know sheep outnumber people in Iceland 4 to 1? I'm telling you now the sheep do not want to deal with you and they will run away as soon as you drive up).

You can also go to the hot spring, which Iceland uses for power! The water is 217 degrees Farenheit though so be careful that none of it splashes on you!

When we got there, John jumped into the (sulfur smelling) steam and exclaimed "DOES THIS MAKE ME LOOK MAGICAL?" Clearly then we had to take a bunch of magical pictures.

You can also go see these beautiful (albeit moderatel dangerous as the guard rails are minimal) waterfalls, Hraunfosser and Barnafoss!

My favorite picture of the whole trip!

You can also drive your rented car around for two hours to look at the beautiful scenery! And take super masculine photos of your Fiance, like this one here! I would recommend falling asleep on the trip back!

There you have it, friends! Things to do in Iceland! Later this week you'll be getting the last installment of our Iceland trip: THE BLUE LAGOON. How excited are you?

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