Blog Return: Here Comes SANDY!

Friends! I have returned!

My beloved Macbook was tremendously broken and for the past six weeks I've been using my tiny graduate school Dell Netbook to blog. Which was making me insane because a seven inch screen is helpful for NOTHING! But my Macbook is BACK after a painless trip to the MacOutfitters in Pennsylvania (NO lines, NO reservation, NO Roosevelt Field Mall) and a new harddrive (thanks, Mom!).

But as I make my glorious return to blogging, I cannot guarantee it will be for long because the world is ending? Like for real ending? Like work was cancelled today and we just found out its cancelled for tomorrow AND Fiance's job even closed? AND my sister is here because her college is closed and one of her bigest fears is flash flooding (I kid you not).

So here we are in our pajamas (NEW pajamas after showering because who knows when we will be able to shower again) watching A Baby Story because how many hours of the news can we watch? And we are basically waiting for the power to go out. For days, Mayor Bloomberg is telling us. I am so unexcited.

Yesterday Fiance and I went out to breakfast and ran some last minute emergency errands...

There was a 40 minute line at CVS. I think the two poor people working behind the Pharmacy counter wanted to kill everyone.

Then we did some laundry because who even knows if we had enough underwear for this situation?

Last night our landlord came over and helped us weight and tape down our garbage cans and cover our outside entrances to the basement!

And now we are waiting. This morning it was just a little rainy but now we are waiting for THE BIG ONE! Stay safe, friends!

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