My Alma Mater is Cooler than Yours: Hofstra Hosts the Presidential Debate AGAIN

Tonight is the second of three Presidential Debates.

While the rest of the country will be tuning in to see what Mitt Romney and President Obama throw at each other, me and some of my college friends will be watching from my living room bursting with pride. Not because we like either of the candidates more than the other, but because our Alma Mater, Hofstra University, is hosting the debate...for the second election cycle in a row.

I was always proud to be a Hofstra say that I loved my time there would be an understatement. But the excitement that led up to that day was something I'll never forget. I got a message from someone I worked with at Hofstra during the last Debate, and she said it the best I think "The debate really does bring out the best in our campus".

My little sister is a Junior at Hofstra this semester and is volunteering all week. I talked to her on Sunday and she told me that she thought I was exaggerating when I told her how exciting it would be. "I am so excited and proud I feel like I could explode" I believe were her exact words. I told you so.

And last night when she told me she got selected to work as an usher tonight in the Debate Hall? Well her exact quote was "Holy crap, I might pass out."

I obviously told her that if she meets Nancy Pelosi she should burst into tears because that's Nancy's favorite...I know because whoops once I burst into tears after shaking her hand in the middle of the Debate Hall.

And in case you were wondering yes I did take a picture of my television screen when Candy Crowly was on CNN last night outside the Arena on Hofstra's Campus. And yes I did Instagram it!

 Also yes, these are all pictures from the 2008 Debate at Hofstra! Geeze we were so little! And also geeze we took so many pictures in seven days!

And also, guys look! Its Mitt in 2008! I think he was using less bronzer back then? 

So guys, enjoy tonight! Because in Brooklyn we'll be screaming our heads off and wearing our Hofstra gear! And let's all wish my sister good luck in her attempt to make a Romney son fall in love with her. Obviously it would be Tugg...New Girl anyone?


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