A Debate Viewing Party

 Did you all watch the debate last night?

We were all pretty excited in Park Slope, let me tell you! Especially because Ashley made maple cookies...she is a wiz on the Pinterest. 

That's Hofstra's President, Stuart Rabinowitz. He's a pretty cool guy AND he has his own private bathroom in his office. Which let's face it, is my ultimate career goal. We'll forget having my own office or getting a doctorate or being my own boss. I want my own private bathroom. And I want it to be attached to my office. Rabinowitz style.

What was my sister doing while we were all eating cookies and watching from Brooklyn you may be asking? Well she was sitting with Anna Wintour, obviously. Also, sending me a million pictures and texting me her location in the Debate Hall so I could attempt to locate her on ABC/NBC/CNN/MSNBC/CSPAN. I saw her nowhere. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of the night! Cutie Brian Williams (WHO I LOVE) fading into the Hofstra Arena! I nearly died I was so excited...two of my favorite things/people on one screen!
 It was a pretty exciting night in my living room and an even more exciting night for Hofstra! If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to find a binder to throw my resume in and hope that someone gives me a promotion.


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