Other Things to Do in Iceland: Part One

Guys! Having no computer is rough on blogging. By no computer I mean no Mac computer. I have a teeny tiny net book that makes writing picture heavy posts infuriating. Slash maybe I was lazy? Who knows. Either way I am here to fill you in on some other things to do in Iceland!

Go to Hafnarfjordour, a town where you can buy a $15 map made by a "see-er" that tells you where the elves live. Seriously I know this because Fiance bought it and we walked all over that town looking for "hidden folk". We found none (obviously). 

While there are no elves, you can climb this creepy staircase to the top of an abandon house's roof to see what our guide book described as a lighthouse.

You can also observe all the houses and see many stray cats!

Speaking of cats! If you go to the park look out for our friend, Fjord! Fjord (obviously not her real name guys, we just called her that) was sitting nicely with a lady who was reading her book. Did Fjord belong to this lady in the distance? We don't know but if she did, that didn't stop us from calling her over to us! And she came!

 Isn't she majestic? We pet her for a few minutes and then we were off to climb to the top of the hill. And you guys. FJORD FOLLOWED US!

After about ten minutes, Fjord stopped to eat some leaves. Fiance and Becca went on ahead but because I was already emotionally attached to her, I waited for her to finish her snack. But then SHE GOT SICK. Vomit, you guys. So I obviously had to scream to Fiance to come fast because "SHE IS VOMITING". Becca laughed forever and Fiance told me to hurry up and leave Fjord to her vomiting. Which I did begrudgingly.  I though I would never see her again but then fifteen minutes later THERE SHE WAS!

Coming down the hill!She loved us (me)!  Eventually we had to leave her and also we felt kind of bad that maybe we had taken her from her owner? I was pretty sad, she was such a pretty kitty! I MISS YOU FJORD!

So that's Hafnarfjordour! If you see Fjord tell her I love her!

 You can also go to the giant volcano crater near the University in Bifrost!

Fair warning, you have to climb a lot of steps!

One of the coolest things about Iceland is that there is no one there once the summer ends. We were the only people at this crater, except for a University graduate student named Inca who was exercising. She was RUNNING AROUND THE CRATER. She seriously put us to shame.

 You can also leave your friend in the car to take a nap and climb this big silly hill with your Fiance!

But then Becca wakes up from her nap and takes this nice picture of you! 

That's Becca in the car!

Stay tuned for part deux!

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