The Weekend According to My iPhone

Guys this is what my desk looked like on Friday. I was so unhappy about it.

On Saturday, Becca and I did a million errands which included seeing her and Shannon's new apartment. Which, did I mention is a block from us? Seriously a block. To say we are excited would be an understatement (I think Shannon is mostly excited to be so close to our barbecue, our backyard and Dilly but that's OK).

We also got our nails done, went out to lunch AND to Trader Joe's. The Trader Joe's trip wasn't particularly successful because they ran out of sunflower seeds in shells. RAN OUT OF THEM. People of Brooklyn, how many sunflower seeds are you eating?

And then we got Shamrock Shakes. A word of advice: do not mention Shamrock Shakes to Becca unless you intend to actually get them. She means business.

Saturday night included board games with John and his siblings which I did not win. I never win, its really the worst.

Yesterday was a lovely brunch with Alyssa and our cousins and then whoops I took a two and a half hour nap in our living room with the sun shining into our window (I love you daylight savings). I don't have any pictures because, you know...nap.

Happy Monday! 

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