A few days ago, a blog I read did a post titled "!". It was all about being happy and frankly, I loved it. I also loved that everything ended in !

I sometimes feel that I use ! too much on this blog. Things here aren't terribly serious,  but sometimes ! gets thrown at the end of a sentence where maybe there should just be a .

But its Friday, so here we go. Everything is ending in happiness and ! and I hope you love it! (I love it already!)

My sister got into graduate school yesterday! Where she will work in a hospital! And dissect a human cadaver! That is so gross but we are so proud of her!

On Monday after work, Teress and I went to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio! We bought yarn for baby blankets for our friends and these adorable tape measures! I thought the tape measures cost $22 but when I looked at my receipt I realized the the yarn cost more than I thought it did! I love this tape measure and so does Dilly!

On Tuesday night they filmed an episode of Blue Bloods (which I watch occasionally with my Mom and Alyssa) near work! And on Wednesday morning they were still filming! And there was a prop cop car! I did not see Tom Selleck (or his mustache) but it was still pretty exciting!

On Tuesday morning it was so warm that Bagel Pub had a special iced coffee sign! I gave up bagels for Lent though and am attempting to not buy coffee, so it was kind of a let down!

Dinner with friends on a Tuesday is so fun! And so is frozen yogurt that looks like it is for children! I really like cherries!

Mystery water strikes again at 14th Street! Seriously where did it come from and why is there so much of it?! (! included with ?)!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend! I hope its filled with lots of ! 

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