Writer's Stop or Writer's Block?

I think I have a big heaping case of writer's block.

Or maybe I have writer's stop?

Writer's stop is something I just made up which happens when you feel you have exhausted your topics and you just want to go to spin class when you get home from work and then go to sleep. OH! I go to spin now! I love it!

I am getting ahead of myself.

Hello world! Its me! I'm back and I'd like to say that I'll be back forever but really who knows?

I read somewhere that the best way to get over writer's block is to read a whole lot of things. This wasn't really helping me either because until last week I was in a reading slump, too. I know! WHO is this non-blogging, non-reading, spin class attending Kate? I don't totally hate her because the spinning is definitely a good thing, but I feel a little empty when I don't post here. But I also feel kind of crappy when I post things that I don't think are my best writing. See the conundrum?

Here are some things that have been happening!

We got a new cat. I know, I totally should have led with that. Her name is Zula and she is a tiny terror! More about her soon, I promise!

Alyssa graduated from college! I know!

We went to Connecticut for Memorial Day and we went to the best tea shop in the world. My Mom and I died and went to tea heaven.

And did I mention I started going to spin :)

To be continued!

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