In Which My Home Looked Liked a Fairy Lived There

After the painting class, we all took the subway back to my home. Alyssa and I ran to CVS to get false eyelashes for that night (because obviously) while the girls ran back to the house to finish some things up. When I got to my front door, I was blindfolded AGAIN and Alyssa led me in the house. I stood in the hallway, Alyssa took off the blindfold and I promptly burst into tears. It was the most perfect decorating job in the history of the world.

Guys those are personalized mason jars for each of us. I know that once when I was in college I said that I hated people who drank out of jars. I would like to publicly apologize for that but would like to say that I am only apologizing for judging people who drink out of MASON JARS (i.e. ME). If you drink out of a jam jar, I will judge you.

 Let's talk about this sign for a minute. The girls told me that everyone had a Bachelorette task and that Bridget was supposed to make this sign. She told me that originally she was nervous because she thought she was going to have to cut the letters out of sparkle paper individually. BUT she found glitter letter stickers at Michael's. Quote: "I felt so bad because my thing was so easy!" Lesson: DIBS I am making the glitter signs for everyone else's Bachelorette's, OK?

After I stopped crying and walking around my house yelling "YOU GUYS!"we played silly games and had snacks and about a million too many drinks.

I had to pick who bought me each piece! It took me longer than it should have but I blame the gallons of mimosas and punch I had already consumed. Stephanie and Becca has also asked John a lot of silly questions and I had to guess his answers. My favorite one?

Question: "John how do you feel about Kate's love of pink"
My Answer: "He doesn't love it"
John's Answer: "Not everything has to be pink, Kate Jesus Christ!"

And yes we did play Pin the Penis on the not very attractive man! I would also like to be in charge of picking the man we do this on at the next Bachelorette. Naked Man and Glitter Sign.

After the games and drinks and snacks, I got in my bed in all of my clothes (and penis whistle) got under the blanket and promptly fell asleep. And not like a light nap. A full on REM cycle, I was gone to the world.

I was woken up by shakes and laughter coming from the bathroom and told to "wash your face, re-do your make up and let Kinzie put on your false eye lashes." Then Abbie brought me a mug of coffee with I used to chase shots upon going downstairs. I am the classiest (notice the purple penis straw behind the mug of coffee).

Stay tuned for Part III of Bachelorette Festivities...I told you there were going to be a lot of wedding related posts. 

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