Family Trip to Atlantic City

For my Aunt Lau's 50th Birthday, our entire family (minus Nanny) went to Atlantic City to celebrate. Before I continue with this incredible picture heavy post, a few words about my Aunt Lau (but brief words because she's going to not even like that this is being posted on the internet).

My Aunt Lau is the greatest. Like the greatest, greatest. When I was little, she took me to Disney world like three times AND took me to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center in the middle of the NIGHT and took me to see the balloons get blown up before the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Basically things no one wants to do with children, she did with me numerous times! Now that I am no longer little, we Facetime...sometimes when she is cooking, sometimes when I am holding Mim or when Dilly climbs on me, sometimes after I come home from Happy Hour on Fridays and I lay in bed. Sometimes we go out to dinner and sometimes we sit at her kitchen table in Connecticut and drink Shocktop and color. She is the best and I love her.

NOW her birthday weekend started out by me needing to retrieve these balloons from the lobby. This is what they looked like before I carried them.

This is what they looked like while I was carrying them. I would like to tell you that they got to the hotel room totally untangled but that would be a big fat lie.

We had drinks and snacks in Aunt Lau and Aunt Lyd's hotel room and I took this adorable picture of John and Jonathan. Seriously, I think my husband is the cutest man on the planet when it comes to babies (side note this is the first time I've said "my husband" on the blog and I think I'm totally freaked out about it).

We also took a million pictures in front of the photo booth that me and Alyssa put up! We are photo booth pros since my Bachelorette (don't worry those pictures are coming soon).

Then we went out to dinner where we were met by our crazy waitress. I think she maybe wanted to be part of our family? Or she was hitting on the men as she rubbed John, my Uncle Zinny AND my Dad's shoulders. TOO MUCH, Crystal the waitress, please walk away!

Guys, I don't even usually like cake. Aunt Lau's Birthday cake was literally the most delicious cake in the history of cakes. We all looked at each other and basically screamed "QUICK MORE CAKE!"

After dinner, John and I told the grown ups that we would take the kids back to the hotel room so that they could gamble. "I am great with babies and my cousins love John AND we brought board games," I thought to myself. Mickey and Jack wanted to change in their hotel rooms, so obviously John and Alexander waited for them to come out and fart on them. I wish I could say this was Alexander's idea, but it was definitely John's.

Jonathan was sleeping in the stroller when we got in the elevator, but then these two loud drunk women got on with us and started screaming and woke him up. I literally gave them the middle finger when they got off, I was so annoyed. John took the big boys into the room to play games and I wandered around the floor with Jonathan praying he would fall asleep. He would not and he was less than thrilled. Moral of this story: I am not ready to have a baby.

The grown ups finally arrived back and gave Jonathan the bunch of balloons which I assumed that babies shouldn't play with? But he loved them and ran around forever!

And then the next morning we ate breakfast and sat at our table for three hours. It was the loveliest weekend ever. Happy Birthday, Aunt Lau!

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