My iPhone Says "Kate You Take Too Many Pictures"

We took Mim to a fancy-schmancey cat neurologist near the Barclay's Center on Wednesday. We got some news that wasn't particularly encouraging, and now we're waiting on the results of the tests they ran. For now, she's her regular happy Mimsy self, and she's rocking a hot pink ace bandage around her front right leg (like mother like daughter). We would really, really appreciate any good thoughts you would be willing to send our kitty girl's way.

In an attempt not to smother you with my nervous cat mama feelings, here are some pictures from my iPhone recently!

John bought us the ancient Chinese game of Go from Amazon last week. This is the small board and we are loving it! We've got a tally going on our chalkboard (we're currently at two wins a piece) and I think we're finally starting to get the hang of it. He also bought us a 19 inch x 19 inch board...we will need to reserve an entire day just to play one game on that thing!

I love, love, love this beadboard counter and sign in our bagel place!

Jared brought us back that most beautiful Hamsa from his trip to Israel. We finally hung it this weekend and its now the first thing you see when you enter our house. We love it so much!

We had our first at home dinner last weekend since the wedding. We were able to use all of our new stuff, we were so excited. AND dinner was delicious AND John made most of it. I did the dishes...that was significantly less exciting.

There's a new tea place right near my office and it is fantastically wonderful. I highly recommend the hot Taro milk tea (NO bubbles because hot bubbles sound like too much to me). It is delicious and a perfect afternoon pick me up...especially if you're reading your book and accidentally get on the wrong train home. One day, I will pass for a real New Yorker. Last night was not that day.

I love this bag! I see the girl almost every day while we wait for the N train at Atlantic and she is a pretty big grouch...that makes me love the bag even more.

Happy weekend to you!!!

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