After You Get Married, I Recommend That You...

Cut all of your hair off.

Being engaged for 500 years meant no drastic hair moves. I grew out my bangs about a year after we got engaged (a process that took very much longer than I thought it would) and that was that. 

Until Saturday morning when and I high tailed it to Becca's neighborhood and we both got all of our hairs cut!

After more hours on Pinterest than I'd like to admit to you, I decided to not to go the route of Anne Hathway post Les Miserables. Instead I went a little longer, kind of Kelly Ripa-esque. 

Becca and I both decided that we need to be wearing substantially more make-up than we currently are, so this week I'm going to attempt to wear eyeliner and eye shadow to work every day. And I'm going to try to keep lip gloss and/or stick on my mouth for the entirety of one day. Do we think that's possible? I shall keep you posted! 

Wives of the world who have recently gotten married I say to you: CUT OFF ALL OF YOUR HAIR. It will be the most liberating thing you do (after deleting your Wedding Idea Pinterest board which I also highly recommend). 

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