Weekend Miscellany

This weekend was a good one, boy oh boy! I know a weekend is going to be good when I have a 3:00 Friday meeting with my friend Teress and we get a milk tea before it. There's a great place near our office, Kung Fu Tea, and the line was literally out the door when we got there. I'd recommend getting a large milk tea, "less sugar". The "less sugar" is important, because if you don't say it there is so much sugar in it, you get a headache and will bounce around your office with the jitters.

ALSO our one of our administrative assistants ordered me the clickable version of my favorite pens. These new versions are so great and I want one million of them.

Friday night me and Stephanie had date night at a super cute Greek restaurant near her apartment. A word about Stephanie's apartment: it is the apartment I would like to live in when I am a full blown adult. Its got three bedrooms and a dishwasher and a washer AND a dryer and my most favorite thing in the world: cement floors in the kitchen. I love that apartment.

Saturday John worked the high school's Homecoming and I spent the day at Nanny's with my Mom and Alyssa. Then I went to babysit where I promptly put a three year old to sleep and then started watching Call the Midwife. Do you watch Call the Midwife? My Mom and sister have watched it for years but I never wanted to because who wants to watch a show about British midwifes in the late 1950s who ride bicycles all over the East End of London to deliver babies? EVERYONE is the answer to that question...EVERYONE should watch this show. I'm only three episodes in and its SO good! I'm now watching entirely too much television, but I say why the heck not, am I right?

Then I took my third cab ride over the Manhattan Bridge in one week...I know I say it all the time but taking a cab to my home is my actual favorite thing in the world (after Call the Midwife, guys).

On Sunday John worked again (this time with the High School Robotics Club) and I spent the day with sixteen cats. Sixteen is not an exaggeration...there were actually sixteen cats (five kittens) at our adoption event!

This is Tito and he's the coziest!

On Sunday night I returned home and then held our cats all night. It was a day full of cats AND Leo McGarry's funeral on The West Wing (I told you I was watching a lot of television). It was the saddest thing ever UNTIL I Googled it AND HE DIED IN REAL LIFE. I can't even. AND now Josh and Donna are awkward and in love? I wait six seasons for them to love each other and they're this awkward? I'm super disappointed.

I hope you're Monday isn't terrible (you know, some people have super serious distaste for Mondays). We're going to the West Coast in four days! VACATION!

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