Once My Parents Took Me to The Bermuda Triangle

Back in July, we went on a cruise to celebrate my Dad's 60th Birthday! John is MIA from all of these pictures because welp, he wasn't there. He doesn't get many vacation days (I get basically 100) so he stayed home with Dilly and Zula so that we could use a bunch of his vacation days next week on the West Coast.

My parents had gone a cruise last summer with their friends and they loved it! Alyssa was less sold on the idea because she "doesn't like boats." Really I'm think she was uneasy about being stuck with us for a week with nowhere to go but over the edge and into the ocean :)

Turns out, I love cruises! You get to read tons of books, the ocean is mezmerizing and you are literally unable to check your work email unless you want to pay for the internet...which we did not. So, no email for 5 whole days!

Our cruise was basically what you would think it would be: pool, nap, eat lunch, nap, lay in the sun, nap, get in a screaming match with your sister after your paddle boat breaks and you're convinced that you're stranded forever, forcing your sister to jump out of the boat and pull you to shore.

BUT THEN our parents took us to The Bermuda Triangle! "A Night Cruise", they told us..."we did it last year and it was beautiful," they said.

They may have mentioned to us that we were going to The Triangle, but frankly I don't remember. We got on the boat though, our Captain (who'd I'd like to mention was Alyssa's age) announced that we'd be to The Triangle in less than 40 minutes. HA HA HA I thought...WHAT A JOKE! Not a joke. We were actually going AND THEN we were going to park ourselves there so that we could look through the glass bottom of the boat. REALLY GUYS? That's what we're doing? Alright, fine.

It was beautiful and we had so much fun but then it was dark and we were still in The Bermuda Triangle and I thought to myself that we had tempted fate enough and we should really get back to the ice cream machine and the cruise ship that it was on. In case you haven't realized it yet, I didn't disappear into The Bermuda Triangle, but it was a close one, friends. It really was.

I've got about 20 pictures of my Dad like this. He loved that balcony!

On our last day, the ocean was pretty rough. Thankfully, we all had seasick patches on so no one even thought about vomiting, but Alyssa was feeling it in the afternoon.

And then we had our last dinner on the ship and headed home (after waiting in this ship's ice skating rink for our disembarking time...that's a thing, in case you've never been on a cruise). 60th birthday cruise, you were so fun! PS-on a cruise you have the same waiter at dinner every night? Alyssa actually loved ours and I think that if had asked her to stay on the cruise ship with him forever she would have overlooked the teeny tiny showers and done it.

The End! Sorry about the million pictures (but not really). 

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