Can I Leave Our Christmas Tree Up Until Easter?

Our Christmas Tree is a BEAUTY this year my friends!

First, I would like to say to all you real tree enthusiasts that I am sorry! When we get a real tree, Dilly eats it, it sheds needles all over my home and then you have to throw it out in the street and it literally feels like you are murdering Christmas. And so, this year I got us a fake tree that we will have for years and years and years (I hope? How long do these lights last?).

I like to think that I can leave our tree up until Valentine's day because it kind of gives off a pink light and also I don't want to put it back in its box.

Dilly and Mim especially love to sit on our ottoman and stare up at the lights. I think I might want two trees next year, but is that excessive? Can I put one in my kitchen? I need advice now you guys, because I think Christmas trees are on sale NOW. Advice please and GO!

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