Oh Hey, 2014!

Guys. Its 2014? How is that possible? Do you remember when it was 2000 and we all thought the world was going to end? And then it didn't and now it is14 years later? How crazy is that?

Let's talk about some things to do in 2014! 

1. As always, it is my foremost goal to wear pants as little as possible. I think we're on year seven of this resolution and its seriously the best! No pants, no problems!

2. Read as much as possible and make a reading corner in our bedroom. In 2013 I read 60 books, but I think I'd like to aim for higher in 2014. Not 100, because in 2012 we found out how truly difficult that is. I think my reading game will be seriously upped if I have a cozy yet upright position to read in. Maybe with a side table and a pretty lamp!

3. Be present, slow down and enjoy the little things. Put my phone away, take a walk, experience what and who is around me.

4. Enjoy our first full year as a married couple. We have a lot of things we hope to do this year, and we're so excited to get to do them as Mr. and Mrs.

Happy New Year from our family to your's! 

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