Is the Winter Over?

I feel like whenever there's an extreme weather situation, I automatically forget all previous extreme weather situations. For example every time it snowed this winter I thought to myself "IT WILL NEVER BE WARM AGAIN!". But I can promise that when its 100 degrees in July and I'm melting on the subway platform I will think to myself "WHEN WILL IT BE COLD AGAIN?"

My ideal temperature is somewhere around 52 degrees. Actually its 43 degrees but I don't think that's socially acceptable to say (every time I say it someone yells at me) so let's say its the cold side of 52 degrees.

Since its almost Spring (read: the point of year where temperatures begin to increase to an unacceptable level) I thought I'd dump some of the snow pictures I've take all winter on the blog.

Don't they look nice? New York in the snow is beautiful!

Lies. Here's a realistic photo.

Is the Fall yet?

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