John's 30th Birthday

On Friday, John turned 30! It was a weekend full of celebrating (and so much cake), starting with cake and games on Friday night with our friends (this picture is the first time I ever used the timer on my phone! Jon set it up beautifully and I recommend that you befriend him for his timer skills).

On Saturday night we went to Barcade with our pockets full of quarters for his birthday party. I was able to reserve a big table in the back for our group, which was great. Everyone had a place to put their coats and bags and a place to sit when the exhaustion from too many arcade games. Here's the guys playing NBA Jam, which is apparently a super intense game?

We got a beautiful cake and whoopie pies from our friend Teress' friend, Veronika. She did such an incredible job and the cake was delicious (want a cake? Email me and I'll connect you with Veronika!).

John hates the Happy Birthday song. He doesn't like to sing it and he doesn't like to have it sung to him. He especially doesn't like when a group of 20 of his friends scream it at the top of their lungs in a crowded bar. He was pretty mortified, but my heart was so full while we were was kind of the best.

Happy Birthday, Babe. And thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate! 

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