I Love Three Day Weekends

This weekend was so fun! Our friends Tim and Julia came for the weekend on Saturday, our foster cat, Oreo, went home to his family and I got to spend time with his Mom's and his baby human brother (who I love so much!), we went to the ballet at BAM, AND Becca bought a wedding dress!

The heavy metal bar on our block, Lucky 13, moved to a new location early this month (we sure will miss seeing those topless lady's having a cigarette outside the place!) and a new place opened up on Friday. Their new sign didn't seem to be ready yet so they opted for a piece of loose leaf paper.

Here's Becca in her bridal robe waiting for the consultant to pull the two dresses she was choosing between! I think the socks add a particularly elegant touch. 


The bridal boutique was having a Badgley Mischka trunk show when we arrived. The dresses were so beautiful...they even had a bridal skirt, which I have no idea how you would wear but I kind of wish I had worn it to my wedding!

The weather was terrible when we left for Becca's dress appointment (it was frozen, too-I took a header down our front stoop) and it kept up all day. The weather plus the holiday weekend made the city feel empty, which is always my favorite!

I hope your weekend was the best, too! 

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