Christmas 2014

This Christmas was our second married Christmas and the first one that we spent with John's family in Albany. I'm very lucky: I've got wonderful in-laws, but your first Christmas away from your family isn't an easy thing. We had a wonderful time though, and John even surprised me and helped me check an item off my bucket list!

Do you know that this year no one knew if the people in our Christmas card was us or not? I used a great (I thought) picture of John and I walking into the Pacific Ocean in Crescent City. The picture is of our backs and we're pretty far from the Grandmother, Aunt Cristina and a few of our friends asked who the strangers were in our Christmas card. Not strangers! Us! Those people on our Christmas card are us!

John took his first stab at child's toy assembly this Christmas! He's pretty good at it and thankfully carries a multi-tool with him at all times which is perfect for those tiny screws.

And now: BUCKET LIST! Two days after Christmas, I shot a gun!

I know, don't I look like someone who has "shoot a gun" on her Bucket List? Well its been on my list forever and two days after Christmas, John took me to our friend Tyler's house. Tyler has a house about a million acres of land and he taught me how to shoot! We started with a BB gun (which I didn't like because you have to pump it and I just don't have the upper body strength for that) and then we moved on to a .22 which required much less arm strength. I even wore John's goofy hat. My aim is not so great but I think that maybe with some time I could get better! I want to go to a range the next time so that I can shoot a target that looks like a person and pretend I am on NCIS LA (have I mentioned my love of LL Cool J before?).

If you celebrated, I hope your Christmas was lovely, too!

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