Monday Morning Blues

I have a major case of the blues this morning, you guys. It is pouring like the end of the world outside! So much water falling from the sky and onto my head!!!

This weekend was literally the most perfect we've had in forever. There were friends and food and a whole lot of productivity AND Ira Glass...four of my favorite things!

On Saturday Jay was in town! We had breakfast with him, Becca and Shannon at The Brooklyn Star in Williamsburg. "How do you know about restaurants in Williamsburg, Kate?" you ask. I do not. I literally Googled "Brunch in Williamsburg" and this place was the first place that came up. High five, Google! Highly recommended!

After brunch Jay had to go to work so we headed to Lowe's to get some backyard supplies. I decided to have a Birthday Barbecue this year (because I don't really like birthdays but I do like when everyone comes to our house) and our backyard needed some serious work. (The party isn't until the last weekend of June, but I thought it would take us three weeks to get it into shape).

We didn't buy these lanterns but we did buy mulch. You know who buys mulch? My parents. They buy a lot of mulch. I've never felt so married in my life.

Becca and Shannon were the best friends ever and helped us clean up the entire backyard AND our porch. John and I cleared about six bags worth of leaves last weekend (pick your leaves up in the Fall, friends. Just trust me) but we hauled out about eight more on Saturday.

We underestimated the amount of mulch we needed (amateurs) but we got more on Sunday (I know you were worried). Which means John and I went to Lowe's twice in two days. Just call us Lenore and Paul (those are my parents, in case you didn't know). Once, my Dad went to Lowe's FOUR times in one day! I can't remember what it was for (maybe cauk? Or something to do with the cabinets?). So we don't hold the record for Lowe's trips, but it was a lot for us!

Here's an in progress picture! I also got hanging plants...I love hanging plants!

On Saturday night we went to see This American Life LIVE at BAM. Obviously that will be its own blog post because guys...Ira Glass in person. And did I mention we were in the second row? AH!

Sunday was filled with a trip to Trader Joe's, John's signature breakfast burritos in our newly cleaned backyard (!!!), a trip for me to Queens to help Stephanie get boxes for her big move to Brooklyn next weekend (extra !!!!) and macaroni for dinner. Our house is extra clean, our backyard is usable again and this week is a four day work week for us! Which means Monday is actually my Tuesday so blues BE GONE!

Hope your weekend was lovely!

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