Tiny Jewlery and It is FRIDAY!

Guys. Let's talk about these tiny rings for a second, OK?

I love them. My sister says I am too old for them. Am I too old for them? A more important question: when I wear them do people think "That girl has chubby fingers and her rings are too small!"? I would be OK with them thinking "She sure is trying too hard," but chubby fingers is too insulting for me to handle. 

Our weekend is looking pretty busy and its starting tomorrow morning with a visit from a potential cat sitter! I realized a few weeks ago that we'll need someone to come look after Dilly and Mim during the wedding (i.e. putting Mim in the litterbox) and that literally all of our friends will be in Pennsylvania with us! We think we've found a cat sitter through Dilly and Mim's foster Mom and she's coming to meet them! I hope she doesn't take one look at our litterbox routine with Mim and think we are nutty! 

Other than that, I've got a Bridal Shower and a visit with my in-laws and a trip to New Jersey with Teress to see Baby Violet! 

Hope you're weekend is wonderful! xxo

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